Waste Clearance Services in Teddington and Isleworth

FAQ’s about our Rubbish Clearance Services in Teddington

At Wordsworth Transport Company, we are always here to answer any questions you may have about our rubbish clearance and waste removal services in Teddington. We usually do this over the phone or when conversing with customers face-to-face. We’ve decided to answer some of the more frequently-asked questions on this page. This will help you decide which of our services will be the most suitable for your rubbish removal needs.


I’m looking at moving some small items from my home to another part of the UK. Are you able to do this?

Yes, we can take care of that. We will supply a free quote and a very competitive price for all removal work. While waste clearance is a major part of our business, removals is an up-and-coming service that is becoming more and more popular in the Teddington area.


My garage in Teddington is damaged.  As I’m having it rebuilt, I’m clearing away all the unwanted junk. Can you help?

Yes. Our professional, experienced team will be able to load your rubbish onto one of our vehicles and carry out a full waste clearance service with efficiency. We will also recycle many of your old items to ensure they never end up at landfill sites in the Teddington area.


Are all items derived from rubbish removal work legally disposed of?

Yes. We are registered with the London Waste Regulation Authority and we use official sites in and around Teddington to dispose of waste from rubbish clearance projects. These sites have recycling programs of their own and this further reduces landfill waste.


I’ve have an office in Teddington that’s about to be renovated and we’re updating all of our equipment. Can you clear our old stock immediately?

Our waste removal services are available six days a week and, subject to workload, we will do our best to clear your office within 48 hours. We are able to remove all of your old IT equipment and office furniture safely in advanced of new equipment arriving.


I’ve just had some landscaping work done but the company hasn’t cleared the remaining rubble. Do you do garden waste clearance?

We will undertake all garden waste clearance work in the Teddington area, whether it’s stone, brickwork, turf, hedge cuttings, discarded plants or damaged garden furniture. We will supply the team and vehicle to clear your Teddington garden and leave it looking tidy.


My wife has just bought some new white goods. Are you able to take the old dishwasher and fridge freezer away?

Wordsworth Transport Company is able to remove premises of white goods anywhere in the Teddington area. We have fixed prices for domestic customers and our rubbish removal services are just as suitable for appliances as they are for other types of household waste.


If you live in Teddington and would like to use a high quality, experienced waste removal company, call us now on 020 8979 9940. We will be only too happy to help.