Waste Clearance Services in Teddington and Isleworth

A Brief History of Waste Clearance in Isleworth and the UK

Rubbish clearance and waste removal has grown to become a major service industry in Isleworth and the rest of the UK over the last couple of centuries but more so in very recent times. Up until the industrial era, most of mankind’s waste resulted in ash or human waste. To a large degree, these were quickly and safely degraded back into the eco system.


With heavy industry starting to take shape in the 18th Century, it brought about urbanisation and, of course, higher amounts of waste. Large-scale waste removal and rubbish clearance was unheard of back then and the streets started to become overrun with refuse. It took until the mid-19th century for legislation to be introduced, mainly due to the increase in cholera that was taking more and more lives. Even Isleworth, which was mainly fields back then, started to see an increase of rubbish accumulating in the area.


By 1846, an act was put in place to reduce the risk of disease and an evolving cycle of waste removal was introduced. This was the era where the bin man was born and locals were employed to collect waste from homes and properties in the area. Horse-drawn carts were the first collection vehicles used. This was soon followed by steam trucks, which were used to carry out rubbish removal work in Isleworth, London and most parts of the country.


Steam trucks were fitted with a hydraulic ram, which was invented at the turn of the 20th Century and is still in use on waste removal trucks today, albeit in a different form.


Waste Removal in the Isleworth Area Today

As most of us are aware, landfill sites are where most of today’s non-recyclable rubbish removal materials end up. These days, we need to be more responsible with waste clearance work and the final destination of our rubbish and rightly so. While traditional collections from local authorities are still ongoing in the Isleworth area, we need to show a culture of care for the rubbish we can’t put into bins.


This is where a company like Wordsworth Transport comes in. When it comes to waste clearance and rubbish removal in Isleworth, we can take care of the items that the dustman refuses to take or larger items such as a worn sofa, an old TV, a broken dishwasher or damaged furniture. Our team will manage your rubbish clearance safely and recycle as much of your waste removal materials as possible.


Call us on 020 8979 9940 and we will visit your Isleworth address to carry out rubbish removal projects at a competitive price.